How should I handle my silver coins?

In order to transfer commemorative coins, first tear off the soft plastic bag for those frequently taken out for appreciation. Early plastics frequently contained polyvinyl chloride, which over time would leak free chlorine and seriously endanger coinage. Add a lovely small wooden box or a box coated in metal fabric to it next. Avoid using plastic or polyvinyl chloride boxes wherever possible. These boxes of precious metal coins can be preserved in a dry cupboard or drawer, waiting to be pulled out and appreciated.
Store coins that have been kept for a long time in a soft plastic bag and a wooden box. Identically sized and crafted coins can be rolled up in sturdy kraft paper and placed in plastic crates for every dozen coins. The kraft paper should be broader and thicker than ten currency boxes and coiled in more than two layers. The two lots should be folded into triangles and taped together once each end is 12 cm longer. To help to find the coin easier, kindly write its name on the vellum. After rolling, keep it in a drawer or dry safe.

Do I need to keep my silver coins in my house?

Home storage puts investors at risk of theft, break-ins, or fire. Only store small amounts of precious metals at home because home insurance companies do not provide coverage for them.

What payment methods do you support?

We use Square for payment, and the following cards are supported: JCB, Visa, Mastercard, American, and Express.

Can I issue an invoice?

You can provide relevant invoice information and contact online customer service to register and issue. The issuing time is expected to be 7 business days (shipping time does not count). If the order is returned, your original invoice will be automatically voided.

How do you check the status of my order?

Registered customers can view information about a particular order by logging in, clicking order tracking under the account icon, and then clicking on the order number. Orders can also be located by searching by order number or date range. Customers who placed a guest order (without registering) can access their order by entering the order number and the phone number on order. After accessing the order, you can click the tracking number to track the delivery.

Will shipping be refunded if you return my entire order?

If the product is returned due to our products, we will give a full refund (including shipping costs); if the product is returned due to your reasons, we will also provide a full refund, but we will not refund the shipping cost to you. For more details, please see Return Policy.